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4pm - 9pm

We all know what gives parties that extra kick, don’t we? Of course we do; party snacks! At AQLT we make this as convenient as possible for you by offering extras such as veggie trays, sandwich trays, cookies, brownies, you name it! Don’t worry about guests leaving hungry; with AQLT’s party extras, you’ll be sure to have them covered! No outside food or drink allowed, this includes ice cream. Birthday cakes are our only exception with a booked party.

Printable Catering Menu

Fantastic Finger Foods

Sandwich Tray (48 Diamond Shaped Turkey and Ham)* 30  
Veggie Tray* 17  
3lb Fruit and Cheese Tray* $24  
Chips and Salsa* $13  
Variety Bowl of Bagged Chips (15 bags) $12  

Straight From The Kitchen

12″ 1-Topping Pizza $10.50  
   Additional Toppings: Pepperoni, Sausage, Grilled Chicken, or Jalapenos $1  
12″ Cheesy Garlic Bread $10  
25pc Wings (Spicy or Mild) $28  
50pc Wings (Spicy or Mild) $55  
24pc Chicken Tenders $30  
48pc Chicken Tenders $59  
48pc Chicken Nugget $21  
96pc Chicken Nugget $40  

Cakes & Ice Cream

Cake and Ice Cream!    
30 Cup Cakes (Option Included in Ultimate) $20  
Ice Cream Cups (Included in Ultimate) $0.90 Each  

Adult Beverages

Bucket of Beer (5 of your choice) $12.50  
Mimosa Bar* (up to 5 Bottles) $20  

Perfect For Morning Exclusives or Anytime

Dozen Croisants* $15  
Dozen Danishes* $15.00  
Bagels (6) & Cream Cheese* $6.00  
Dozen Mini Muffins* $15.00  
Mimosa Bar* $40.00  
Coffee Bar* $20.00  
Hot Chocolate Bar* $20.00  
Dozen Donuts* $15.00  
Donut Holes (120)* $32  

All prices are Plus Tax

*Order must be placed 4 days in advance of the party date.

Fun Extras

 Parent Game Ticket (Arcade Parties pay General Admission) $4.00/Player/Attraction
 Additional Attraction: (Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, Cosmic Golf, Adventure Maze or Climbing Challenge) (Arcade Parties pay General Admission)  $4.00/Player/Attraction
 Party Bags  $1.95 Each
 Pucker Powder Experience $2.00 Each

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